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A new class of intoxicants, which have been synthetically derived from hemp, has become commonplace in gas stations, convenience stores, and smoke shops. Products go by names like delta-8 THC, delta-10 THC, HHC, and many others. These consumer products are unregulated at the federal level, and in many states as well. As a result, they often contain harmful substances and lack even age restrictions on sales.  

ATACH is the leading trade organization in the U.S. representing both marijuana and hemp industries, and we seek regulation as the industry emerges. We have seen the recent emergence of hemp-synthesized intoxicants and recognize their potential for harm to consumers and minors if they continue to be available in an unregulated setting. Governments at both the state and federal levels should respond.

We recently published a paper that takes a deep dive into this important topic, including steps federal and state lawmakers should take in response. Our paper is available online here, along with a one-page summary.  

Until regulations can be put in place, consumers should be very careful with these products, and look to regulated cannabis programs wherever possible to ensure they are tested and properly labeled.