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Individuals who support the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of cannabis or hemp products and otherwise meet the requirements of membership shall be “Individual Members.”

Individual Members shall have weighted votes on membership matters as set forth herein but shall not be eligible for election to the Board of Directors.

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Individual Membership benefits shall include:

  • Featured on ATACH website and access to sponsorship opportunities

  • Access and representation to national MOU organizations

  • Involvement in policy action and initiatives to protect the industry

  • Innovation among the members in our industry

  • Networking, professional development, and business opportunities

  • Representation in developing and adopting industry standards

  • Policy briefings with industry experts

  • Industry advocacy/leadership training

  • Promotional discounts on industry products

  • Access to ACG Analytics membership newsletter

  • Opportunity to join sub-committees powered by ATACH

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Interested in a Business Level membership?