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Hemp Intoxicants

Delta-8, D9, HHC, and other intoxicants lab-derived from hemp

Intoxicating products that are made from hemp, often going by names like delta-8, D9, HHC, and many others, have emerged on store shelves and online. Too often, there are no age restrictions or regulatory oversight for producers.  

In 2023, several companies that produce unregulated hemp intoxicants began suing states that sought to regulate them, claiming that states do not have authority to regulate intoxicants that are synthesized from hemp. ATACH has taken a strong position in favor of states ability to regulate, guided by the foundational principle of legalization which is that states have the right to establish state-level regulatory frameworks for cannabis and hemp which must be protected as a matter of law, irrespective of how a state ultimately decides to exercise this power. ATACH has filed a brief in one of the key cases, Bio Gen LLC, et al v. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, et al, protecting the power of a state to regulate cannabis and hemp. Read our amicus brief here.