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Meet our Board of Directors

ATACH Board of Directors

Andy Williams, Medicine Man and Medicine Man Technologies

Andy Williams is the owner of Medicine Man, one of the largest dispensaries in Colorado. In December of 2009, Andy and his brother Pete launched Medicine Man with the concept of being the Costco of marijuana. Medicine Man is now one of the most recognized corporations in the industry and has branched out to assist start up marijuana companies and grow facilities across the country with their consulting company, Medicine Man Technologies. Andy is known as an industry leader and is one of the most influential CEOs in the entire industry.

Prior to founding Medicine Man, Andy served in the US Army for three years in the 3rd Infantry Division. He later went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern Colorado. Following this, Andy worked in a number of different manufacturing industries as an industrial engineer, and took on leadership positions at several of these companies.

Sean Knutsen, Boveda Inc.

Sean Knutsen serves as Boveda’s representative on the ATACH board. Boveda is the Global Leader in 2-way Humidity Control and one of the internationally best-known brands associated with the premium cigar industry. For over 20 years, Boveda’s award winning products have set standards in the packaging/production/distribution/storage of premium cigars, food, musical instruments, and medical devices. In 2011, with the release of cannabis-specific humidity levels for proper curing/storage, Boveda again raised the bar, creating untouchable standards of quality within the cannabis space.

One of six, original company founders, Sean was named President and CEO of Boveda in July, 1997, a position he has held for over 22 years. Utilizing his business and marketing background, Sean worked closely with the original product developers and other founders to successfully launch the business by defining and creating an entirely new category in active packaging: 2-way humidity control. Sean has been instrumental in building the company into the leader it is today, helping the company realize average year-over-year growth of more than 30% for the last 15 consecutive years. Sean graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Business Marketing and worked in sales before dedicating himself full-time to Boveda.

Erik Knutson, CanCore Concepts

Erik Knutson is the President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of CanCore Concepts and a Director of the SeroVita Holding Corp, a holding company that develops medical cannabis to provide relief from those experiencing chronic medical maladies. Prior to founding this venture, Knutson served in leadership positions within several companies including Isolate Extraction Systems LLC and Superum, Inc. Erik is known industry wide for the brands he has created including Keef Cola ­ the most iconic beverage line in the cannabis industry.

In 2013, Mr. Knutson also co­founded Denver Packaging Company, which is a licensed Colorado Medical and Adult­Retail Cannabis Manufacturing company. In 2014 DPAC was recognized as one of the first manufacturing facilities in the City of Denver to pass all Health and Safety inspections with zero critical fails and continues to operate as one of the state’s most compliant facilities. Knutson graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Rick Biesecker, Drug Plastics & Glass Company

Rick Biesecker is the President and CEO of Drug Plastics & Glass Company, a manufacturer of plastic packaging, primarily used for pharmaceutical, nutritional and human health oriented applications.The company was founded in Boyertown, PA in 1963. Today Drug Plastics is an industry leader in supplying primary packaging to the healthcare industry.

Biesecker has developed the enterprise into a company of six bottle factories, two closure factories, one mold company, and a research and development center. Biesecker remains driven by the passion and spirit of the company’s entrepreneurial history and its progressive vision and values.

Lissa Biesecker Longacre – President Drug Plastics & Glass Company

Christy Zhou, Organigram

Christy Zhou is Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Organigram Inc., a Canadian licensed producer of medical and recreational cannabis products.

Christy entered the cannabis space as in-house counsel in 2014 and, over the next several years, saw the transformation of Canada’s cannabis framework from a limited medical-only regime to the complex and groundbreaking system it is today. During this time, she worked closely with business and regulators to shape and respond to regulatory changes within Canada, and to forge paths to emerging international markets. This immersive experience has provided her with deep insight into the business needs and regulatory requirements of emerging cannabis markets.

Christy holds a JD from the University of Toronto.

ATACH Captains of Industry Committee

Captains of Industry – Chair

Josh Ginsberg, Native Roots

Josh Ginsberg, Partner and Chairman of the Board for Native Roots, is a Colorado native and clear leader in the cannabis industry with a demonstrated history of fast and strategic business growth from seed to sale. A lifelong entrepreneur with a decade of cannabis expertise, Ginsberg notably built the Native Roots brand from the ground up to become the largest legal marijuana production and distribution company in the world. One of the first to enter the cannabis space, Ginsberg holds badge number 54 out of more than 60,000 issued by the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

As CEO and partner of Native Roots, Ginsberg overhauled the company and its strategic direction to create a widely known and renowned cannabis brand. He grew the company to 19 retail locations with nearly 800 employees while operating the largest state of the art indoor cultivation facility in existence at 200,000 s.f. With three other facilities, the total of Native Roots growing operations is 240,000 square feet, with an output of over 30,000 lbs. of cannabis a year. He also has built and established a complete Marijuana Infused Production facility (MIP) where Native Roots produces all styles of concentrates using every industry approved extraction method. They use butane, ethanol, Co2, propane and cold­water methods of extraction. Native Roots turns out approximately 15,000 grams a week of final product. He is responsible for producing two very recognizable and well­known edible brands, MarQaha and Lord Jones.

Ginsberg paved his road to success in the cannabis industry with a propensity for defining steep goals and achieving results. In 2009 he entered into the business with a small grow that he quickly grew to 8000 s.f. and included an acquisition of a retail location in 2010, The Dandelion, which continues to be a renowned medical dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. Skilled in Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Leadership, Ginsberg holds dual degrees with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Economics and Computer Science from Bucknell University. He participated in J.P. Morgan’s young executive program in New York City before venturing to Boulder, Colorado where he still resides with his wife and two young children.

ATACH Industry Influencers Committee

Board of Directors

Industry Influencers – Chair

Adolphus A. Busch V

Adolphus Busch is from St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Colorado in 2009. Adolphus has developed unparalleled expertise in the industry by working with some of the top brands  – including BioTrack and Lightshade -to learn the ins and outs of the sector. Adolphus is currently helping build Keef Cola’s market place expansion and now focuses on key accounts and distribution. Adolphus has been a thoughtful advocate thinking through the end of prohibition, it’s historical meaning, and moving responsible industry forward. Adolphus graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis as well as a certificate in Entrepreneurship. 

Board of Directors

Industry Influencer

Genifer Murray, Drug Plastics and Glass, Strategic Business Development

With more than nine years in the cannabis industry, Genifer Murray is a pioneer and influential female leader, including president and founder at CannLabs, one of the first cannabis testing labs in the U.S., and she was a founding member of the Women’s CannaBusiness Network; this organization was the foundation for Women Grow. Murray lobbied for cannabis regulation, banking, and the 280E tax problem.  She also served on the Governor’s Task Force in Colorado helping to implement Amendment 64 to end cannabis prohibition. 

Murray is a leading advocate for legalization and responsible regulation, emphasizing the need for product safety, cannabis testing, and quality assurance, and has become a trusted resource for legislators, industry organizations, and the media. Murray’s dedication to quality assurance led her to become the founder and CEO of Carbon Blue Consulting, which provided testing and consulting services for cannabis labs.

In 2018, Murray was hired by Drug Plastics, an established pharmaceutical/nutraceutical packaging business, to provide insight, expertise, and guidance surrounding the myriad of multi-state regulations, and help navigate the company’s entry into the cannabis sector.  

Murray’s advocacy doesn’t stop at cannabis – she is also a major proponent of women’s rights. Her work with Women’s CannaBusiness Network which evolved into Women Grow, helped move women to the forefront of an industry that is historically male dominated.

As a cannabis health and safety champion, Murray has been a driving force in the development of a credible, safe medical marijuana industry in Colorado and across the U.S. She continues to be an active advocate for changing the way people think, see and interact with cannabis.

ATACH Ambassadors

Albert Gutierrez

Albert is an operationally focused executive who leverages his strategic vision to drive production and impact a company’s bottom line. He is the CEO of MedPharm Holdings, a phytopharmaceutical and intellectual property holding company that develops innovative cannabis products. Albert holds a B.S. from Metro State University and a graduate degree from Colorado State University Business School. He is a member of ASTM’s D-37 Committee on Cannabis and is an ally for the Doctors for Cannabis Reform. Albert has been a part of and helped develop a number of successful companies to include: ClickFox, The Regis Company, Qualvu,, and Medicine Man.

ATACH Co-Founder and Lead Consultant

Board of Directors

Michael Bronstein – President

Michael Bronstein is the co­founder and president of Bronstein & Weaver, Inc. – one of the country’s leading political media, strategic messaging, and government affairs firms. Michael has garnered national and international recognition for his strategy and has been named: a member of the “Dream Team” of American Political Consultants, a “Mover & Shaker” by Politics Magazine, a Campaigns & Elections Magazine’s Rising Star, a “Top Ten” political consultant, a “40 under 40” consultant by the American Association of Political Consultants, City & State Magazine’s “40 under 40,” and one of the 500 most “influential” political consultants in the country by Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

Michael has been a leading voice for the emerging cannabis industry promoting professionalization, standards, public and consumer safety, and marketplace expansion. Michael was recognized as the nation’s 45th “Most Important Political Influencer” on Cannabis Business Executive’s “Top 100” list.

Michael also serves as: a national executive board member of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Production, a executive member of ASTM International’s historic D37 cannabis standards committee, a campaign strategist for New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform, as well as a member of Florida’s United for Care policy committee. Prior to founding Bronstein & Weaver, Inc., Michael worked for the British Labour Party for Prime Minister Tony Blair’s reelection campaign, where he helped manage the design and creation of the Labour Party’s national media.

Michael earned his undergraduate degree in American Studies from Cornell University and attended the London School of Economics as a Hansard Scholar.