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What is ATACH doing about unregulated hemp products?

ATACH published a whitepaper in June 2023 that took a deep dive into the history and challenges of hemp intoxicants following the 2018 Farm Bill. That informed our advocacy going forward. 

At the federal level, it was clear that Congress would need to address the definition of hemp, if possible, in the 2023 Farm Bill. ATACH retained the lobbying firm Vogel Group to help convey our message to Congress during this key time. Since then, we’ve been in countless meetings with members of Congress, and we’ve been in the press, working with state regulators, state and federal Attorneys General, and getting the word out. Our most recent letter to Congress can be found here. 

At the state level, we’ve been supporting attorney’s general in their efforts to enforce state regulations, lobbying in support of good regulatory systems, and supporting members of our National Council – our association of membership organizations that represent regulated cannabis businesses across the US. 

Regulations are essential, and these products cannot be allowed to continue to be recklessly offered at the risk of the people consuming them. ATACH’s work will continue at the state and federal levels until a solution is in place.