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Why are unregulated hemp intoxicants a problem?

At ATACH, our biggest concern is not the intoxicating cannabinoids, it’s the dangerous products that can be produced due to a lack of regulation. The process to convert CBD into an array of intoxicants both uses dangerous chemicals, and it produces dangerous chemicals. While marijuana has been successfully used for recreational, religious, and medical reasons for millenia, these formulations are largely unknown and often contain toxins from poorly manufactured products. Consumers should not be guinea pigs. Our concern is that when unregulated, these products can be a serious health and safety threat to consumers and minors who should not have access except under the supervision of a doctor. 

There are many instances in which people were sent to the hospital consuming these products. 

We are also concerned that many hemp interests are actively attacking state laws aimed at sensible regulations. They are trying to make the case in federal courts that states do not have the authority to regulate intoxicants within their borders. For more on the legal challenges hemp interests are raising in state and federal courts, click here.